About Me & The Blog

About The Blog

     This blog as evolved over time, just like I have.  It started as me trying to help my previous customers out by sharing experiences.  I'm evolving it into more then that.  I'm taking experience and lessons from all over and writing about them, with the hopes to help others learn.  This means learning from good stuff like tips and tricks, as well as mistakes and lessons learned.

     Over the years I've been in IT I've learned is that most IT support professionals are overworked and don't have time to fully research available technology to solve their problems...which is what IT is all about!  Using computing technology to solve a problem.  My goal here is to hopefully provide insight into various IT products, concepts, and technology to help you to get the job done, and get it done right.  I'm going to try to provide "10,000 ft views" of concepts, then try to zoom in and give more detail for those with the time and desire to read more.  Beyond the "raw" technology, you'll get to hear my opinions on various trends, theories, and concepts...but all related to technology in general.

     I don't plan on accepting "bribes", "donations", etc from any vendors to review any specific products here.  What I will do is tell you what products I'm using (or not using), and why.  For example, I choose to use Cisco routers because if you configure them right, they will practically do jumping jacks while making ice cream and forwarding your IP traffic to this web site...

     I DO encourage you (yes, you looking at the monitor wondering what this half-baked blog is all about) to comment and ask questions about the posts.  Why?  Because I could use the content on the page?  Well, partially, yes.  But also because that's how we as human beings learn...by asking questions, as well as answering questions (yes...answering questions is a fantastic way to learn, but that's another topic for another day).

About Me

    In case you haven't cought it yet, my name is Brian.  I live in Georgia and currently work in the IT field.  You will probably be able to get hints of my hobbies from reading my posts & articles.

     For those interested in more details & history, I worked Networks & More Inc while I was in high school in Ocean County NJ, until I graduated in 1999 (at the time, they were the consultants my school had hired to install their network).  At which point, I packed my bags and moved to the chilly city in western New York known as Rochester, and attended Rochester Institute of Technology to get a degree in Applied Networking & Systems Administration.  While there, I worked almost full-time for the IT Department (the academic department my degree program was in) in the Networking Labs installing and maintaining the systems that ran classes.  During this time, I installed (or was on a team installing) more then 20 miles of Cat5 cable, countless computers and servers, and several "core" class network switches and routers.  I enjoyed this school so much, that I stuck around for another year after I earned my B.S. degree to go into the Masters program and get an M.S. in Information Technolgy (which I'm working towards completing now).

     When I left RIT, I headed back to NJ to work for Networks & More.  In the process, I got married, moved a few times, and everything else that life brings.

     A few years ago my wife and I decided to move to Georgia to live in the greater Atlanta area.  What Ocean County New Jersey had to offer compared to what grater Atlanta Georgia has to offer is night and day.  My wife and I really missed living in a metro area, so we packed up and moved!

     I currently work full time for Fiserv, a financial services technology company, with the role of Technical Lead.  I also consult as I have time for Networks & More still.

     As a heads up, I can't spell.  If it wasn't for F7, I would have never graduated school.  I also write with a bit of "casualness", if that's a real word.  So everything that I post will be as if I were reading it to you in a teaching setting.

Note: The following picture is not a great picture, but it's a picture...and I felt that I needed one here:

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